Cedar Wood Fences

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Choosing the right fence boils down to four key details: safety, beauty, privacy, and added value. Cedar is one of the few products that will give you these essential benefits and more.

A stunning, custom made cedar fence for a homeowner in Ohio.

Why Invest in a Wood Fence?

Wood fences are a popular choice for homeowners in Ohio. Pressure-treated lumber is affordable to both install and maintain. Fixing damaged wood fences is easy because they are made with individual boards. Simply swap out the affected board with a new one! 

Another advantage is that wood is naturally resistant to damage from insects and weather. In fact, cedar fences are known to stand strong for decades. Looking for a long-lasting border between your property and the outside world? You can’t do better than a natural wood fence. 

What’s more, wood fences have many different options. At Mae Fence, a variety of post heights, trims, and caps are available to help you achieve the look you’re dreaming of.

Wood Fence Types

Wood fences come in all shapes and sizes. Visit our cedar fence photo gallery to see the possibilities for yourself. Or, read about a few of our popular options: 

Flat Top vs. Dog-Eared

We can install wood fences in a split-rail, shadowbox, or standard design. If you opt for a standard or shadowbox fence, you can customize the shape of the tops of the posts. Most of our clients choose either flat top or dog-eared. 

Decorative vs. Privacy

Sometimes, appearances matter more than functionality. In these cases, purely decorative wood fences get the job done. Decorative fences tend to have short posts and gaps between pickets. 

On the other hand, you may need a privacy fence to block sights, sounds, and intrusions. Generally, privacy fences are between 6’ and 8’ tall and don’t have gaps between the pickets. Because cedar is a versatile material, it can be decorative or functional . . . or both.

Stained vs. Natural

Cedar fences do not warp, even when left unstained. So, the choice to stain or not to stain is a personal one. If you want to maintain the beautiful red of a new cedar fence, we recommend you stain the boards. If not, naturally graying cedar can be just as appealing! 

Caps vs. Trims

Board caps and trims are the literal cherries on top of your gorgeous new cedar fence. These pieces are decorative and can transform the appearance of standard fences. Panel inserts, ornate caps, and lattice trims are a few of the custom options available.

Why We Choose Cedar for Our Wood Fences

We believe a stunning, durable, and affordable cedar fence is always the right choice. In fact, we’re so fond of cedar that it’s the only wood product we offer. In our opinion, it stands head and shoulders over other natural options. Why would we present our customers with anything less than the best?

With cedar, you can count on:

  • A natural and timeless look
  • Little-to-no maintenance
  • Insect and rot resistance
  • Low upfront costs

Even better, your new fence will be 100% manufactured, fabricated, and installed in Ohio. All you have to do is choose Mae Fence for the job.

Choose Mae Fence for Cedar Fence Installation

Mae Fence is dedicated to local production. Plus, our patented post-carving method is unmatched in the state. In our shop, we produce unique fence patterns, board spacings, and heights. Complicated or simple, your design vision is safe with us. 

Plus, as a family-owned business, we understand better than most what a new fence means for your home. We see it as an opportunity to make your property safer, more enjoyable, and more beautiful. Ready to commit to a new wood fence? Choose the skilled and experienced team at Mae Fence. 

Learn More About Our Cedar Fences

We can’t wait to get to work on your dream fence. Call us today to learn more about our cedar products and services: (866) MAE-7770.

Our Cedar Fence Projects

We are proud of the wood fences we build; our clients are too. Page through a selection of our cedar fence projects, or head over to the gallery page to view our past work. 

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Why choose cedar fencing?

Cedar is rich in natural oils that repel insects and prevent decay. If you don’t mind the natural gray of aging cedar, it requires virtually zero maintenance! 

Those same oils that make cedar fencing so durable have an additional benefit: a sweet and warm aroma. Many cedar fence owners claim this to be their favorite feature.

Nothing beats the natural pink-red hue of a cedar fence. It makes a striking addition to any home. Plus, cedar allows you the flexibility of choosing from a variety of post shapes, sizes, and spacings.

Believe it or not, cedar is one of the most affordable fencing materials on the market. So if you’re looking for something that is durable, aromatic, beautiful, and cost-effective, you’ve found it.

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