Semi-Private Picket Fences

Picket fences are often synonymous with the American Dream because they are warm, friendly, and functional. Typically, they are between 3’ and 4’ tall with evenly spaced pickets attached by horizontal rails. However, they can be customized to your property and design tastes as needed. 

Picket fences are a semi-private solution to your fencing needs. While they won’t serve as a perfect barrier to sights and sounds, they do improve privacy and security to a degree. Meanwhile, the gaps between the pickets allow for the passage of sunlight and airflow so that your backyard doesn’t feel stuffy or closed off. 

Semi-Private Picket Fences...

  • Offer a balance of privacy and openness
  • Have a charming and idyllic appearance
  • Provide some barrier to the wind and sun
  • Keep pets and children away from the street
  • Improve a home’s curb appeal
  • Define property boundaries

You May Need a Semi-Private Fence If:

  • You want a barrier, not a wall
  • You don’t want a small yard to feel smaller
  • You have a home with a view
  • You are friendly with your neighbors
  • You don’t have small pets or children who can fit through picket gaps
  • You have a garden in need of sunlight

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