If you’ve been on the fence about which material to choose for the new addition to your property, we hear you. There are several great options to consider, including wood, vinyl, and aluminum

Honestly, you’d be just fine with any one of these materials. The question is, how do you know which product is best for your project?

When you’re weighing your options, there are a lot of factors that come into play. Aesthetics, longevity of materials, and cost are a few details you’re probably considering. 

In our experience, cedar fencing is a product that tends to check all of these boxes. Here are five reasons why we believe a new cedar fence is always the right call. 

#1 - Cedar Is Beautiful

There’s nothing quite like the pink-red hue of a new cedar fence. It’s somehow both timeless and modern. No matter the size, design, color, or age of your home, a cedar fence will look as though it were always meant to be there.  


And that’s not to mention the sweet aroma of cedar. Many homeowners find that the warm smell of a new cedar fence is the final detail that turns their backyard into the place everyone wants to be. It’s an intangible feature, sure. But it’s one that transforms an outdoor space into a rustic haven.

Plus, cedar fencing is extremely versatile. In our shop, we’re able to cut cedar slats into virtually any shape. Some of the more popular requests we get include gothic, flat-top, and picket cuts. These details allow homeowners to tailor their new fence to meet any design vision they might have.

#2 - Cedar Is Durable

Wood fencing has long been a preferred choice for homeowners. But not all wood fences are created equal. In our shop, you’ll find that cedar fencing is the only wood fabrication we offer. Why? Because it stands head and shoulders—or cap and posts, if you will—above the rest. 

Unlike other wood fences, cedar won’t bow or twist. Because of the natural oils inherent in the wood, cedar is also insect resistant. Those same oils, called polyoxyphenols, are what create the distinctive aroma of cedar. They also have the added benefit of preventing rotting.

To recap, cedar fences are less likely to bow, twist, rot, or attract insects. Are you sold yet?

#3 - Cedar Is Full of Historic Charm

Believe it or not, cedar has been used as a building material across the world for thousands of years. The Egyptians used cedar to fabricate their temples. The Greeks used it for roofing, siding, and furniture. Even the Native Americans were historically fond of cedar. 


Because it grows straight and firm, it’s durable, and it’s stunning. So it came as no surprise when cedar fencing became popular in the 1950s. And it’s no surprise that it’s remained popular ever since. 

All this is to say: cedar slats have been used in fencing for generations. So if you’re drawn to an aesthetic that is timeless and historic, cedar fencing is your best option.

#4 - Cedar Is Virtually Maintenance Free

We like to make it clear to our customers that cedar fencing does not require any maintenance. Staining or painting your cedar fence will preserve the appearance of your investment, but it won’t lengthen the life of your fence in any way. Again, cedar is naturally very hardy.

That said, if you aren’t drawn to the look of graying or faded wood, we do recommend you follow some basic maintenance steps. Primarily, you’ll want to apply a new coat of solid or semi-transparent stain every three to five years. But again, doing so won’t make the fence more resistant to rot. The material does that on its own. 

#5 - Cedar Is Affordable

The affordability of cedar is something that’s often a bit of a surprise to people. Because a cedar fence is stunning, functional, and resilient, it feels like it should be one of the more expensive options on the market. Right?

Actually, no. Cedar fencing is a practical and affordable option for homeowners shopping for a new fence. The up-front cost of a new cedar fence is remarkably reasonable; plus, the end product is durable and low maintenance (as we mentioned). This makes the overall investment a pretty economical one. 

Let’s Get Started

If you’ve been going back and forth about whether a cedar fence is right for your project, we hope to have settled the issue. Cedar is beautiful, durable, historically popular, low maintenance, and affordable. In other words, it’s the right choice. 

Why choose cedar fencing?

Cedar is rich in natural oils that repel insects and prevent decay. If you don’t mind the natural gray of aging cedar, it requires virtually zero maintenance! 

Those same oils that make cedar fencing so durable have an additional benefit: a sweet and warm aroma. Many cedar fence owners claim this to be their favorite feature.

Nothing beats the natural pink-red hue of a cedar fence. It makes a striking addition to any home. Plus, cedar allows you the flexibility of choosing from a variety of post shapes, sizes, and spacings.

Believe it or not, cedar is one of the most affordable fencing materials on the market. So if you’re looking for something that is durable, aromatic, beautiful, and cost-effective, you’ve found it.

Did you know...

Cedar is rich in natural oils that repel insects and prevent decay. If you don’t mind the natural gray of aging cedar, it requires virtually zero maintenance! 

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