Privacy Fences

A privacy fence is one that obscures the sightline of the average person. By nature, it should be at least 6’ tall and have no gaps between the pickets and posts. It can be made taller, and more visually appealing, with the addition of carved post caps and/or lattices. Like most fences, a privacy fence allows you to define property lines, enhance curb appeal, and increase the value of your home.

Privacy Fences...

  • Increase privacy
  • Provide a sound barrier
  • Define property boundaries
  • Improve backyard security and safety
  • Keep kids/pets in and outsiders out
  • Enhance a home’s curb appeal
  • Increase property value

You May Need a Privacy Fence If:

  • You have pets or children
  • You live next to a busy street
  • Your backyard is visible to your neighbors
  • Your neighborhood is busy and/or noisy
  • You don’t have established trees to serve as a blockade
  • You have a swimming pool or hot tub
  • You enjoy peace and quiet

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