Commercial Chain Link

A Reliable and Affordable Way to Protect Your Property

When you’re adding a fence to a commercial property, there are three priorities: affordability, reliability, and security. Few fencing materials meet all three goals—fortunately, chain link fences check all the boxes. 

Of course, surrounding a commercial property with a secure fence is not a low-cost project. But chain link fencing allows you to keep your budget within a reasonable range. That said, while chain link fences are affordable, they are not cheap, flimsy, or insecure.

Not only is chain link fencing secure on its own, but it’s also an adaptable material that can be reinforced with additional safety features. Often, business owners will add privacy slats, barbed wire, or detection systems to increase security.

Choose Mae Fence for Your Chain Link Needs

At Mae Fence, we have a proud, generational history with fencing of all types. As a result, our experience with chain link fencing is unmatched—making us an easy choice for your commercial project. With our team on the job, you can trust that the materials and installation will be of superior quality. 

Whether your project is large or small in scale, we’re here to help. All of our chain link products offer these outstanding benefits:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Zero maintenance requirements
  • Easy installation
  • Easy repairs
  • Design and security versatility

Our team is here to accommodate all of your business’s needs. That’s why we offer both galvanized and vinyl-coated chain link fencing to all of our customers. Galvanized fences are stronger and longer lasting while our vinyl options are more visually appealing. Tell us more about the requirements of your project so we can better inform you on which product type is best.

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If you’d like to discuss an upcoming project and learn more about our chain link fences, please reach out. You can contact us by calling (866) - MAE - 7770.

Our Commercial Chain Link Fencing Projects

Chain link fencing is an affordable choice, but it doesn’t have to be boring or drab. Check out these pictures of some of our past chain link fencing projects to see for yourself. And visit the gallery page if you want a more comprehensive look at what we do.

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Why choose chain link fencing?

Like most metals, aluminum is incredibly strong and resilient. These fences resist rust and corrosion and stand strong against the elements. As a result, they last for decades with minimal maintenance. 

Some aluminum fences are elegant and ornate; others are sleek and modern. There’s no limit to the design possibilities!

Because of the long-lasting durability and low-maintenance requirements of aluminum, these fences are a smart economical choice. Once you’ve covered the upfront costs, you shouldn’t have to spend money on your fence for decades!

Aluminum is a recyclable material, which means these fences are an environmentally-friendly option. Plus, unlike iron and steel, aluminum does not corrode—so you won’t waste additional materials by repairing or replacing the fence any time soon. 

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