Rail Fences

A rail fence is a clean and basic barrier that stands between your property and the rest of the world. It consists of vertical posts and horizontal rails and is usually made from either vinyl or cedar.

A rail fence won’t protect your privacy or keep small animals and children in. But it will define your property lines and provide containment for large animals and livestock. 

Although simple, rail fences are attractive and functional. They’re also easy to install, affordable, and low-maintenance!

Rail Fences...

  • Are classic and clean in appearance
  • Can be made from vinyl or cedar
  • Define property lines
  • Keep large animals and livestock on the property
  • Work for nearly every budget
  • Don’t require a lot of maintenance

You May Need a Rail Fence If:

  • You own large animals and/or livestock
  • You want to keep a neighbor’s livestock off your property
  • You want to preserve the openness of your property
  • You prefer a simple and rustic aesthetic
  • You want to keep costs low
  • You need something durable and low-maintenance

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