When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, you have to picket your battles. But we think a new fence should be at the top of the list.

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You know the obvious benefits of residential fencing: privacy, security, and curb appeal. But if those details haven’t already tipped the scales, you may need a final nudge to bump you in the right direction. Keep these lesser-known benefits in mind as you weigh the pros and cons:

#1: Clearly Defining Your Property Lines

Your property lines are the boundary points that show where your land begins and ends. Metal rods or stakes sometimes mark these boundaries, but this rarely happens. Unmarked property lines can cause problems with neighbors.  

Adding a fence to your lot is one way to settle these unpleasantries once and for all. Beforehand, your contractor will determine the boundaries of your property by:

  • Looking for property line markers
  • Reviewing the deed and/or plat to the property
  • Requesting a property line survey

This information will come in handy when it’s time to plan and install the new structure. It also helps in settling any disputes that may arise in the future. Odds are, you’ve asked yourself these kinds of questions and more during your time as a homeowner:

  • How far from the property line can I build a fence? 
  • Can my neighbor build a fence on the property line?
  • Can a neighbor tear down a shared fence? 

Answering these questions can sometimes be tricky. That’s why you should get an official property line survey before moving forward with your project. That way, you can be sure your line estimates are accurate. And that you stay on the right side of the law when building your new fence. 

In most places in Ohio, you can build your fence right up against your property line. Some local towns have rules that require 3 feet of space between the line and fence. 

Thankfully, it’s not hard to schedule an appointment with a professional surveyor. Simply visit the website for the Professional Land Surveyors of Ohio. You can use their helpful database to find a surveyor near you. 

#2: Increasing Your Property Value

One of the most asked questions we hear from clients is this: 

“Does a fence add value to a home?” 

People disagree on how a fence affects property value. But we can tell you from experience that it does make a difference when it comes time to sell your home. A new fence conveys to buyers that your home is well-cared for, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Here are some other major selling points to consider:

Fences Provide a Safe Space for Pets and Children
Do you live in a neighborhood that attracts families with young children and/or pets? Then a fence becomes a huge selling factor. Parents and pet owners are more likely to purchase homes with safe play areas. So a fence could be the difference between selling your home and having it sit on the market. 

Fences Boost a Home’s Curb Appeal
The right fence will make your home even more beautiful and appealing than it already is. For a natural and timeless look, we recommend gorgeous cedar fence pickets and posts. Although, vinyl and aluminum fences can be just as striking! 

Fences Increase Home Security
Fences have proven to be deterrents to trespassers and intruders. They also serve as effective mounts for home security systems. In today’s market, homes with built-in security have a higher resale value than those without!

These factors combined mean your home is more likely to sell quickly and at a fair price if you invest in a fence. You may be about to list or just want to keep resale value in mind for the future. Either way, a new fence is a wise investment. 

#3: Deterring the Spreading of Weeds

We’d all like to avoid stubborn weeds. But all the preventative care in the world won’t matter when you live downwind from a weed-ridden lawn. Most experts suggest that you invest in some kind of barrier to stop the spread. 

You can try to deter weeds through an underground steel or plastic edging system. Or, you can plant a row of hedges and hope they’ll prove effective. For a reliable deterrent, install a tall vinyl or cedar fence. They are a good investment for security. 

Weed seeds can travel far and high on windy days. So your best bet is to build a strong barrier that you know will stand the test of time. 

Keep in mind that a fence won’t totally eliminate the risk of weeds. But if a neighboring property is contributing to the problem, a privacy fence is a great way to limit the spread. If the problem continues to persist, it may be time to speak with a landscaper about what’s going on.

#4: Reducing Noise

Your yard should be a peaceful oasis. But if there’s nothing between you and a neighboring street, park, or business, that may not ring true. While a privacy fence won’t eliminate noise entirely, it can make a notable difference.

If noise reduction is a top priority for you, here are a few tips to ensure that the final product gets the job done:

  • Choose a fence type that allows for no gaps between pickets.
  • Make solid wood your material of choice. (We recommend cedar.)
  • Opt to go taller whenever possible. Most cities allow for 6’ of height, but some areas allow for 8’. 

Above all, ensure that you choose a fencing contractor who can get the job done right. The more solid and sturdy the final structure is, the better it will be at reducing noise.

Let’s Make 2024 Your Year for a New Fence!

Needless to say, there are countless reasons to invest in a new fence. They’re beautiful, functional, and secure. They also help to settle neighbor disputes, improve resale value, keep weeds out, and maintain peace and quiet. So if you’ve been holding off, we say there’s no time like the present. 

Ready for 2024 to be the year your home becomes the fenceiest on the block? Talk to a contractor about your specific needs and request a free estimate. Then, get ready to reap all the benefits we’ve discussed in this article . . . and then some!

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