Looking to break the status quo this Christmas? There are countless ways to decorate your home’s exterior without the use of string lights. 

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Garlands and ornaments and wreaths, oh my! If string lights aren’t your thing, there are dozens of other ways to get your fence ready for the holidays. But a beautifully decorated fence doesn’t happen overnight. Keep reading for an overview of our favorite fence-safe decorations . . . and how we recommend you tackle the project. 

First, Choose Your Adornments

The options are virtually endless. So you’ll want to begin the process by choosing your decorative materials. 

The most popular choice on the holiday market is the hugely versatile string light. But if you want to think outside the box this Christmas, there’s more to consider. Here are our best fence-safe recommendations.

For Cedar Fences: Garlands and Wreaths 

Cedar fences are natural and rustic in appearance. For homeowners who are fans of this aesthetic, rustic garlands and wreaths are an attractive choice. 

Garlands and wreaths look great on most fence styles and are generally safe for all fencing materials. But they’re especially striking on red cedar fences. The greenery makes a bright contrast to the wood by day. And you can wrap the garlands in lights so they continue to stand out by night. 

Use your fence’s taller posts as anchors from which to string the garlands and hang the wreaths. Install these decorations with plastic clips or cable ties; do not use any anchors which require the use of screws because these can damage the fence. 

Vinyl Fences: Inflatables and Figurines 

Owners of vinyl fences usually prefer a fun and modern vibe. That’s why we recommend inflatables and figurines for this fence type in particular. Reindeer, snowmen, The Grinch, and other fun holiday figures are a great way to adorn your fence and showcase your family’s festive personality.

Stake these figurines into the ground along the base of your fence in whichever locations are most seen by passersby. Or, use cable ties, plastic clips, or other fence-safe adhesives to install your decorations along the top of the fence. Either way, inflatables and/or light-up figurines are a fun way to make your fence stand out. 

Aluminum Fences: Bows and Ornaments

Aluminum fences are understated, classic, and elegant. If you want your Christmas decor to make a similar impression, there’s no better choice than a few thoughtfully placed bows and ornaments.

We believe that bigger is always better. But when it comes to exterior bows and ornaments, there is a range of sizes from which to choose. Opt for elegant silvers or festive reds and greens. Either way, your bows and ornaments will be the perfect adornment for your classic metal fence. (Just remember to use fence-safe adhesives and clips when hanging your decorations!)

Next, Make a Plan

At Mae Fence, we love it when a plan comes together. This is especially true during the notoriously chaotic holiday season. So if you’re hoping to add fence decorating to your ever-growing to-do list, we think the only way forward is with a thoughtful plan.  

You’ve already chosen your decorative materials. Make sure your plan also includes:

  1. An assessment of all your exterior plug outlets.
  2. Measurements for the length of your fence as well as any other areas you plan to decorate.
  3. A summary of any yard work to be done before decorating. (Tree trimming, raking, etc.)
  4. A list of the materials you will need, including extension cords, decorations, mounting devices, etc.

Once you have a plan in place, you’ll know exactly what needs to happen next. And you’ll hopefully avoid any Christmas Vacation-style disasters!

Then, Prep Your Space

Of course, the final objective is a stunning and envy-inducing fence. But you also want to avoid damaging the structure in the process. With this in mind, we recommend you prep your space beforehand to ensure there are no lasting effects on your fence.

Be sure to:

  • Brush any snow off the top of your fence.
  • Rake leaves and other debris away from the base of your fence. 
  • Cut back any low-hanging or loose tree branches that look like they could break off and cause damage to your fence.

Keep in mind that holiday decorations can sometimes make a bad situation worse. For example, figurines, inflatables, ornaments, or other installations may create ice or snow dams. When that happens, be sure to clear the ice and snow away or remove the decorations entirely. A little holiday cheer is not worth causing permanent damage to your fence. 

Finally, Revel in Your Neighbors’ Envy

Christmas won’t come until your home outshines every other house on the block, Clark! 

(We’re kidding. Mostly.)

Of course, fence decorating is not a holiday requirement or even a right of passage. But if you do decide to adorn your gorgeous outdoor structures with garlands, figurines, or ornaments, we hope you’ll follow our advice and do so safely. 

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