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At Mae Fence, we believe that a backyard full of happy children is the true American dream. But without the proper safeguards, that idyllic scene can quickly turn into an accident-ridden nightmare. Fortunately, childproofing your outdoor space is a simple and straightforward project. Here’s what we recommend:

#1: Be Diligent with Pest Control

Outdoor critters, like squirrels, insects, and spiders, are drawn to wherever they can find shelter, food, and water. In other words, your scenic backyard is a literal oasis . . . to unwanted vermin.

And while all pests are annoying, some are outright dangerous. To protect yourself, your pets, and (most importantly) your children, stay on top of your property’s pest control needs. After all, depending on where you live in Ohio, one or more of these dangerous species could make their way into your backyard:

  • Northern copperhead snakes
  • Brown recluse spiders
  • Kissing bugs
  • Black-legged ticks
  • Disease-carrying mosquitoes

To protect your children, take the necessary steps to keep dangerous pests off your property. Start by keeping your outdoor area free from trash and debris as these attract pests. Next, get rid of standing water as it can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects. Finally, call an exterminator any time you suspect that you have a dangerous pest problem on your hands. 

No one wants their outdoor space overrun with uninvited critters. Follow these tips to keep your children safe and, as added bonuses, you’ll protect your garden and home foundation at the same time.

#2: Safely Store Your Garden Chemicals

Speaking of protecting your garden . . . 

As a homeowner, it’s your right to use pesticides, insecticides, and/or herbicides to keep your vegetation lush and verdant. That said, while these chemicals will repel or kill unwanted intruders, they can be dangerous to humans. If you have little ones roaming the backyard, make sure those harmful garden chemicals are safely stored away.

To practice the safe use of garden chemicals:

  • Never stockpile harmful chemicals (buy only what you need)
  • Follow any and all instructions on the chemical’s label
  • Store dangerous items out of reach of pets and children
  • Store chemicals away from living areas and in well-ventilated spaces
  • Keep garden chemicals in their original marked containers

If you ever stumble upon an unmarked container, safely dispose of it and its contents. Do the same if you encounter an expired chemical or are unable to verify the age of the container. All of these steps will help to prevent chemical poisoning and keep your children safe.

#3: Trim Your Trees

Nobody appreciates a behemoth of a tree as much as we do. But the larger your tree gets, the more inherently dangerous it becomes. Without proper care, your gorgeous trees can cause:

Bodily Injury
Tree pruning strengthens the plant all the way down to its roots. As a result, it’s less likely to fall or drop branches on people. It also ensures twigs and branches aren’t hanging at eye level. So you won’t have to worry about your little ones getting scraped or injured when running nearby.

Damage to Property
Even if a falling tree branch doesn’t directly harm a person, it may still create a dangerous environment. Imagine, for example, if a branch were to land on a power line or come through a household window. Both scenarios could be disastrous for anyone standing nearby. 

Thankfully, childproofing your backyard doesn’t require you to get rid of your established trees. If you have concerns, speak to an arborist or a tree trimming company about your backyard beauties. Often, a little trimming here and there will do the job. 

Keep in mind that trimming is especially important when you notice these warning signs:

  • Branches that are growing close to utility lines
  • Overcrowded branches or branches that appear weak
  • Branches that are no longer producing leaves or fruit
  • Broken branches

Regular tree trimming will help you avoid a dangerous scenario. It will also help to maintain the beauty, health, and strength of your trees!

#4: Install a Fence (Especially Around the Pool)

After all is said and done, if you have children and want to boost the safety of your outdoor space, the best thing you can do is install a fence. Any fence will do, but you can read this article to discover which fence type we think is best for families with kids.

What you need to know is all fences are proven security measures. They allow your children to safely play outdoors with a reduced risk of:

  • Wandering off
  • Attracting the attention of passersby
  • Running into a busy street
  • Becoming exposed to neighborhood pets or wild animals

If you have a pool, a safe fence is a virtual necessity. And in some communities, you are legally required to securely enclose your pool with a fence or barrier. 

At Mae Fence, we believe that the safety of your home and family is invaluable. And that’s a big part of why we do what we do. To learn more about our privacy and security fence installation options, give us a call.

Keep an Eye Out for Other Outdoor Danger Zones

This list is meant as a starting point for childproofing your outdoor space. Once you’ve checked the above items off your to-do list, you should take a walk around your backyard and look for other danger zones that may pose a risk. Ask yourself:

  • Is your outdoor play equipment located within a direct line of vision from your home?
  • Do you have a secure place to store your tools?
  • If you have an outdoor fireplace, are there leaves, twigs, or flammable items around the perimeter?
  • Are there any tripping hazards, like garden supplies or cracks in the cement?
  • Does your patio furniture have padding around its sharp edges?

The backyard is where memories and magic are made. We hope you’ve found these suggestions helpful and that your outdoor space becomes a safe haven for your little loved ones.

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