Hello again—and welcome to Part Two of our series introducing the local programs we support. Here we’ll give an overview of a few other local organizations we think you should get to know. And if you’d like to learn more about getting involved yourself, stick around. We’ll finish up with some tips for doing just that!

Local Sports Organizations

At Mae Fence, we’ve seen for ourselves the kind of impact local sports organizations can have on children, families, and communities. And we’re not alone. In addition to the obvious benefits—like providing kids with a positive outlet, increasing their physical activity, and teaching them life skills—sports have also been proven to:

  • Reduce youth crime rates
  • Boost civic engagement
  • Lower a child’s risk of anxiety and depression

For these reasons, and many others, we strive to support local sports organizations whenever and however we can. In addition to coaching our own kids’ little league teams (and serving orange slices and Gatorades after games), we’ve been able to help sponsor the following programs.

Big Walnut Youth Basketball Association

Cardington Tornadoes Youth Softball Team


Local 4-H and FFA Clubs

The 4-H and FFA organizations are designed to help kids build life skills, gain confidence, and become better prepared for a bright future. Kids who participate in programs like 4-H and FFA are more likely to make healthy choices, give back to their communities, and participate in STEM activities. 

Over the years, we’ve sought out opportunities to support these programs on a local level. We appreciate how impactful these agricultural clubs are for families and communities. And we also think they’re just a lot of fun. 

Horse and Pony Program

Because of our sponsorship, and the sponsorships of other community members, the Horse and Pony Program of Morrow County was able to allow 70 exhibitors the chance to participate in their 2022 show. We were proud to again provide sponsorship for their 2023 show. It’s always an honor to take part in this worthwhile cause! 

Triple R Bar 4-H Club

4-H is a program that benefits nearly 6 million young people! We are always happy to support the local Triple R Bar club and provide sponsorship for their events.

How To Get Involved

We’ve shared a few of the ways the Mae Fence family stays involved in the community. If you are interested in giving back, we believe there is no better way to invest your time, energy, and/or money than through community service and outreach. 

In addition to benefiting the people around you, giving can also enrich your own life. In fact, volunteering is a proven way to strengthen your family, increase your self-confidence, combat depression, and stay physically healthy as well. 

At first, giving back to your community may feel a little outside of your comfort zone. Here are some tips we believe will help with that: 

Find Causes That Speak to You

It’s both easier and more fun to participate in organizations you feel passionate about. It could be a program you were involved in as a child or something that has more recently become near and dear to your heart. Either way, the more personally invested you feel, the better.

Be Willing to Do Something Uncomfortable

Volunteering when you feel passionate about a cause is worthwhile. But that doesn’t mean it will be easy. If you are willing to do something uncomfortable or outside of your comfort limits, you will be better prepared to step in when and where you’re needed most.

Look For Ways to Provide Hands-on Help

Sometimes, a financial donation is the best way to help. But if you really want to get involved and support the members of your community, you should also look for opportunities to help in a more hands-on way. Put together a food, clothing, or toy drive. Sponsor a child for Christmas. Or, look for other ways to go above and beyond for your community.

Follow Mae Fence’s Social Channels

If any of the organizations we’ve written about in this series speak to you, we encourage you to visit their websites or do a Google search for more info. Or, you can follow the Mae Fence social channels. When there are opportunities to donate to or support our favorite charities, we’ll be sure to let you know about them. 

Thanks for keeping up with us throughout this series on giving back. The Mae Fence family is grateful for you and yours. And we can’t wait to continue working together to support and strengthen our communities.

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